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Clean Energy Homes helps affordable housing developers design all-electric, energy-efficient multifamily housing. The program pays incentives to reduce up-front design costs and educate residents on the benefits of all-electric homes.


Reduce design costs

Incorporate low-carbon technologies and building practices into multifamily new construction

Use electrification to achieve California code compliance


New, affordable multifamily properties in areas such as Long Beach, Vernon, Catalina Island, Inyo, and Mono Counties are eligible for incentives and design assistance.

To participate, projects must be:
  • Within SCE territory in areas not served by investor-owned gas utilities*
  • A multifamily property with at least five dwelling units
  • Working towards an all-electric design with no connection to the gas distribution system
  • Affordable housing multifamily development with regulatory agreement, deed restriction, or restrictive covenant anticipated or already recorded will be eligible for design assistance.
Eligible Multifamily Building Types Include: 
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Homeless or transitional housing
  • Multifamily residential buildings
  • Multiunit farmworker housing
  • Residence hotels
  • Recently completed all-electric affordable multifamily projects within CEH territory (Resident Education Incentive Only).

Please verify your eligibility in the designated territory by utilizing our GIS map tool.


Clean Energy Homes (CEH) Provides three offerings. Qualifying participants may access all available offerings.

  • Technical Assistance 
  • Design Incentive 
  • Resident Education Incentive 

No limit!

Free design and program application assistance for property owners, developers, and multifamily stakeholders to explore all-electric design and overcome technical challenges.  

Activities include but are not limited to: 

  • Low emission building design and technologies   
  • Reservation and claim support and review  
  • Incentive availability guidance

The program provides incentives of up to $50,000 per unique design or design team by an affordable housing developer. 

Activities include but are not limited to: 

  • A minimum of 2 design reviews pre project 
  • Additional Technical assistance as needed
  • Incentives are available per bedroom to offset design costs ranging from $1,500-$2,500 depending on the climate zone  

The program provides up to $25,000 per affordable housing project for prospective and current resident outreach and education on the benefits of living in a home in an all-electric building.

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Community education events for residents 
  • In-unit signage and energy tips 
  • Open house with induction cooking demonstrations 
  • Walkthrough of all-electric units 


CEH will empower affordable housing developers to tap the full range of innovative low-carbon technologies and building practices so they can choose the options with the lowest upfront costs and greatest bill savings for residents.

All-Electric Design Incentives with Clean Energy Homes

This pre-recorded webinar explores the program’s free design and application assistance that empowers builders and developers to create all-electric designs and overcome technical challenges. An overview of program offerings and examples from Clean Energy Homes were also presented.

Pre-recorded webinar from Thursday, April 18th, 2024


Our team will work with you to identify cost-effective, electrification solutions for your development, determine the incentive value of your project, and help you achieve your clean energy goals.

Contact us to get started!